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Samantha Bartlett

Managing Director

Samantha Bartlett is Managing Director of Bartlett Communications.

Her career in print and broadcast journalism spanned more than 20 years before she assumed Partnership at full service public relations agency Irvine Bartlett in 2010.

Samantha’s previous media employers include Times Media Limited, Primedia Broadcasting and Independent Newspapers.

Samantha is also an experienced voice and media coach. She possesses an innate news sense and an unerring instinct for what makes a story. Her insight on how clients can and should navigate the media agenda is based on decades of experience rather than a Public Relations textbook and she rarely gets it wrong.

Samantha has a no-nonsense approach that is seldom found in the world of Public Relations and Corporate Communications. She has the maturity and experience to advise clients when to move and perhaps more importantly – when not to.

Samantha was a Partner at Irvine Bartlett for four years before launching her own agency. Irvine Bartlett’s client list included Marriott International, Protea Hotels, New Media Publishing, Lew Geffen Sotheby’s International Realty, the Cape Town Central City Improvement District and Via Afrika Publishers, among others.

Samantha provides enormous depth to strategic communications planning and her contacts within the South African media sphere are second to none.

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