Bartlett Communications is a media-savvy, action-driven communications agency that creates the strategy then works the plan. We focus on communications strategies that build mutually beneficial relationships between our clients and their present and future audiences.

While our core function remains Public Relations, our scope of expertise has expanded as the internal and external communications needs of clients have evolved in a changing media and technology landscape.

We are strongly narrative-driven in our approach to communications, finding creative methods to deliver our clients’ brand messages in an age when companies can no longer rely on the power of a press release and should be working a strategy that allows them to own and capitalise on their bespoke consumer and business content .

Bartlett Communications has a wealth of experience across disciples in the creation of exclusive content and an extensive network of media contacts across South Africa to disseminate targeted messaging. We understand how to create and deploy content across tiers to best drive clients’ brand messaging and industry leadership.

The company offers specialist services across numerous disciplines including public relations, innovative content creation, corporate social responsibility, reputation management and crisis communications, internal communications, media relations and corporate communications.

Among the services offered by Bartlett Communications are:

  • Public Relations
  • Corporate Communications
  • Internal Communications
  • Bespoke Content Creation
  • Old and New Media Relations and Communications
  • Brand and Reputation Building
  • Crisis Communications and Reputation Management
  • Specialist Hospitality Communications
  • Corporate Social Investment Communications
  • Advocacy
  • Media Training
  • Professional Location and Product Photographic Services (preferred supplier Anton de Beer Photography)