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Embrace the summer vibes: Home improvement projects for the sunny season

As summer arrives with its warm embrace and longer days, many homeowners find themselves inspired to take on new projects that enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of their homes.

“Summer is the season of transformation and the perfect time for homeowners to embark on a variety of home improvement projects,” Says Cobus Odendaal, CEO of Lew Geffen Sotheby’s International Realty.

“Whether you’re looking to boost your property’s curb appeal, tackle some much-needed repairs, or embark on creative DIY ventures, summer is the best season to tackle many home improvement projects.

“It’s much easier to feel inspired when the sun is shining and it’s also much easier to work comfortably and for longer in the warm weather – not to mention the fact that materials like paint and varnish dry so much quicker.”

Odendaal suggests the following projects to make the most of the warmer weather and summer sunshine:

1. Landscaping: Revitalise Your Outdoor Spaces

Summer is synonymous with outdoor living, making landscaping projects a top priority for homeowners. Consider the following:

  • Lush Greenery: Introduce vibrant plants, flowers, and shrubs to your garden for an instant boost of colour and freshness. Focus on low-maintenance varieties that thrive in the summer heat.
  • Mulching: Applying a layer of mulch around your plants not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also helps retain moisture in the soil, reducing the need for frequent watering.
  • Create a Relaxing Oasis: Invest in comfortable outdoor furniture, add some throw pillows, and set up a shaded area to create a tranquil space where you can unwind on long summer evenings.

2. DIY Garden Beds: Elevate Your Green Thumb

For those who enjoy gardening, summer is the perfect time to enhance your garden:

  • Raised Garden Beds: Construct raised garden beds for flowers, herbs, or vegetables. Not only do they provide better drainage, but they also make gardening more accessible and visually appealing.
  • Vertical Gardens: Maximize space by creating vertical gardens on walls or fences. This is a creative way to showcase a variety of plants while adding a touch of greenery to your outdoor spaces.

3. Deck and Patio Makeover: Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

Make the most of the sunny weather by transforming your deck or patio into an inviting extension of your home:

  • Stain or Seal Your Deck: Give your deck a fresh look by staining or sealing it. Not only does this enhance its appearance, but it also protects the wood from the elements.
  • Outdoor Kitchen Setup: If you love hosting gatherings, consider creating an outdoor kitchen space. Install a barbecue grill, prep area, and seating to elevate your summer entertaining game.
  • Upgrade Patio Furniture: Invest in durable and stylish patio furniture to create a comfortable and inviting outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment.

4. Energy-Efficient Window Upgrades: Keep the Cool In

Summer can bring scorching temperatures and keeping your home cool is a top priority. Upgrade your windows to enhance energy efficiency:

  • Install Solar-Reflective Film: Apply solar-reflective window film to reduce heat gain and block harmful UV rays. This simple addition can contribute to lower energy bills.
  • Consider Double-Glazed Windows: If your budget allows, consider upgrading to double-glazed windows. They provide better insulation and help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

5. Fresh Coat of Paint: Transform Your Interior and Exterior

A new paint job can work wonders for your home’s appearance. Consider the following painting projects:

  • Exterior Refresh: Choose a fresh and inviting colour for your home’s exterior. Pay attention to the front door, shutters, and trim to create a cohesive look.
  • Accent Walls: Add a pop of colour to your interior spaces with accent walls. Experiment with bold and vibrant colours to infuse energy into your living areas.

6. Outdoor Lighting Magic: Extend the Summer Nights

As the days get longer and the evenings warmer, make the most of your outdoor spaces long after the sun sets:

  • String/fairy Lights: Hang string lights to create a cosy and enchanting ambiance. They are an easy and affordable way to enhance the charm of your outdoor areas.
  • Pathway Lighting: Illuminate pathways and walkways with solar-powered or low-voltage LED lights. This not only enhances safety but also adds a decorative element to your landscaping.

7. DIY Outdoor Fire Pit: Cosy Evenings Under the Stars

Create a charming focal point in your backyard by installing a fire pit but take the following factors into consideration:

  • Choose a Safe Location: Pick a location away from flammable structures and materials, ensuring a safe and enjoyable fire experience.
  • Use Fire-Resistant Materials: Construct the fire pit using fire-resistant materials like stone or metal. This not only enhances safety but also adds durability.

What to Do If a Project Feels Overwhelming or Goes Wrong

While the summer season inspires a burst of creativity and motivation, it’s essential to recognize when a project might be too ambitious or when things aren’t going as planned:

  • Know Your Limits: If a project feels overwhelming, it’s okay to seek professional help. Certain tasks, such as major electrical work or structural modifications, are best left to experts.
  • Adapt and Learn: Not every DIY project goes off without a hitch. If you encounter challenges, view them as learning opportunities. Adapt your approach, seek guidance, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • Seek Professional Help: If the problems are beyond your ability to fix or require specialised expertise, consider seeking the assistance of professionals. Discuss your concerns with reputable contractors or specialists in the specific area of the project.
  • Take Breaks: DIY projects can be time-consuming and physically demanding. Remember that it doesn’t have to be completed in a day. Ensure you take breaks, stay hydrated, and don’t push yourself beyond your limits.

“The summer season is the perfect time for homeowners to embark on a variety of home improvement projects and, regardless of the projects you are tackling, the key is to align your projects with your vision for the perfect home,” concludes Odendaal.

“Remember that the journey of home improvement is a dynamic one, and each project contributes to the overall beauty and functionality of your cherished space.”

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