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Public Relations & Media Engagement

Good Public Relations will get you in the news. Great Public Relations will keep you in the news.

Our clients consistently make headlines month after month, year after year, because we’re experts at what we do. Simply put, we plan and execute great narrative-centric communication campaigns that appeal to editors and captivate media audiences.

But as much as we love publicity, our motto is “no PR for the sake of it” because coverage that doesn’t speak to the right market won’t build your Brand or grow your business.

The benefits you reap from great PR include:

How we generate great PR:

Bartlett Communications conceptualised the National Auctioneers Association/USA Today 2021 Global Marketing Campaign of the Year.

Content Development

Influential. Innovative. Imaginative. Informative.

Make an impact on your market with our content ingenuity.

We develop memorable cross-platform content strategies that spark conversations and forge relationships by discovering what’s important to your clients.

By driving engagement, we help to:

Bartlett Communications offers skilled in-house writers and access to the best audio-visual partners in the business. Speak to us today about your content development needs.

Reputation & Crisis Management

Your reputation is your strongest Brand currency.

Don’t gamble with it when an ounce of prevention can potentially avert a crisis that Google will make hard to forget.

Bartlett Communications’ clients benefit from skilled risk assessment horizon-scanning.

We also offer round-the-clock expert advice to manage reputational threat events.

In a crisis, our team will hit the ground running with a customised plan of attack to minimise your exposure. We have extensive experience in developing and executing crisis strategies that include working with Boards and legal counsel, drafting executive statements, and managing media communications.

Whatever is necessary, we are there for clients every step of the way.

Corporate Services

Growth is your bottom line in business.

We can help through our broad range of Corporate Services that include:

Our holistic partnership approach produces tangible results across your business value chain.