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Unconventional and super cool bachelorette party ideas

Most of us equate the words “bachelorette party” with excessive alcohol, loud music, tacky penis straws and a LOT of cash spent. But a bachelorette party doesn’t have to fit that stereo-typical image, and many brides-to-be would actually prefer not to get fall-down drunk on this very special occasion. The era of the alternative bachelorette party has arrived and many of the ideas are very easy on the pocket.

Go Camping

downloadInstead of going to a dark and smoky night club, enjoy an awesome bonding session while you commune with nature. Just make sure you include at least one person with camping experience to ensure you set up a camp that won’t disintegrate halfway through the night. However, if you’re not keen to pitch tents or don’t even have any, then there are a couple of great places near Cape Town that have really cool pre-pitched tents.

!Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Centre just an hour out of Cape Town offers a bush camp with fully kitted spacious tents. If you want to make a weekend of it, you can go on one of their guided tours, test their new mountain bike trail or pop acroos the road to Yzerfontein to laze on the famous 16 Mile beach.

A little further north near Paternoster lies a pristine secluded bay called Tietiesbaai, and here you will find the eco-friendly Beach Camp which has pre-pitched comfortable bedded Twin Tents and A-frame tents kitted out with all the necessary camping gear would tempt even those who don’t enjoy camping.

The Beach Camp

Book a cooking class

Another great option for the bachelorette who isn’t much of a party animal, cooking classes are great fun and a source of very useful new skills. Several schools also offer great theme classes so you can try your hand at anything form French cuisine to home-made pasta or sushi.

cooking class

Take a road trip

There are few things quite as exhilarating as hitting the open road to explore new places, sharing an adventure with friends and creating memories to last a lifetime. The Western Cape offers myriad great destinations, all within easy driving distance. From lush green vineyards, to rugged terrain and pristine beaches, you quite literally have the world on your doorstep.

road trip 2

Go to a comedy club

Comedy clubs are the new hot thing in South Africa and all major cities and towns have great comedy venues where diverse comedians shake things up and keep you in stitches up with scathing satire, colourful impersonations, improvisation routines and open mic sessions. All in all a great, uplifting night out and if you sit near the front in their firing line, the bride-to-be will certainly be the centre of attention.

Wine tasting

Rent a limo or chose a designated driver and head for the winelands. Plan a route of several estates and enjoy a leisurely lunch in a tranquil setting at the last stop. Make sure to buy a bottle of the bride’s favourite wine at each stop for her to share with her partner.
Old fashioned slumber party
Blow up air mattresses, grab your sleeping bags, order pizza and then stay up all night watching your guilty pleasure movies, giving each other facials and getting goofy in your pj’s.

Opt for a health-themed party

Instead acquiring a crippling hangover and eating terribly, why not make it a day or weekend of replenishment? Book a yoga class, plan a hiking trip with a delicious picnic in a beautiful setting (champagne is not unhealthy), book a day at a health spa or hire bikes and cycle through the winelands ending with lunch at a wine farm.